AGZA is a member-based organization that provides certification and accreditation in zero-emission landscape maintenance strategies.  

We educate individuals, property owners, and landscape maintenance professionals to reduce or eliminate the use of gasoline powered maintenance equipment in favor of cordless electric and manual equipment.  

We promote these strategies through our exclusive Green Zone certification program that allows the owners of properties of any size to create, maintain, and promote their own zero-emission Green Zone.



Members of the American Green Zone Alliance create Green Zones that reduce or eliminate the need to maintain the property with gasoline-powered equipment. The result is a beautiful environment that benefits from reduced emission levels and noise levels as well as reduction in the solid and toxic waste associated with the operation of gas powered equipment.

Green Zones can be created in public spaces and academic locations that can be enjoyed by all, or in private locations such has residences and commercial locations with restricted access.







The American Green Zone Alliance facilitates the use of clean, quieter, gas-free, sustainable equipment for the landscape maintenance industry. AGZA achieves this goal through green zoning.

The American Green Zone Alliance is the accreditation / certification authority for eco-friendly landscape maintenance practices. We have researched, refined, and perfected operational guidelines that take a more intelligent and sustainable approach to residential and commercial landscape maintenance. 

The goal of Green Zoning is to improve the quality of life and living standards for our community through education, sustainable practices, zero-emission technologies, and simple solutions with a common sense approach for the landscape maintenance industry. 

Green Zoning is the process of creating gas- and emission-free, low noise, people-friendly outdoor spaces.

The AGZA certification program educates and trains

  • Educational Facilities
  • Municipalities 
  • Commercial Landscape Maintenance Companies
  • High Volume Residential Maintenance Workers 
  • Homeowners

AGZA also promotes improved health and working conditions for grounds maintenance workers. We strive to bring a new level of prestige, honor and appreciation to the landscape maintenance industry.

Our accreditation / certification program solves many of the environmental challenges associated with the landscape maintenance industry through education and training in the following practices:

  • The use and promotion of sophisticated cordless electric technology for property maintenance equipment—which takes the place of their harmful two-stroke oil and gasoline counterparts
  • Finding the balance between the latest sustainable practices, economic feasibility and growth.

AGZA promotes the use of organic fertilizers, organic weed and pest control, water-wise irrigation, composting and mulching, and native planting.

Imagine entire areas of business or residential subdivisions maintained in this environmentally sustainable fashion. AGZA encourages people to create and maintain a peaceful, beautiful, healthy, and ecologically sound environment that promotes harmonious interaction with modern civilization.