OREGON 120V Lineup


120V Pro 

Finally, there's a line of professional-grade tools that offer all the benefits of battery, without sacrificing power, performance, or durability. Efficient power offers extended run times with no refueling stops, while ultra-quiet operation allows early start times at noise-sensitive sites. Tested tough to endure the rigours of professional use. Our advanced battery technology offers no compromises when it comes to power, and it's free of the inconveniences of gas tools — fuel mix, spills, emissions, gas maintenance, and, of course, noise.

Torque Boost

Oregon’s 120V Professional Series was designed to compete directly with gas-powered tools – and win. With all the advantages of today’s high-efficiency brushless motor technology, Oregon incorporates our exclusive Torque Boost™ that automatically applies more power when you need it.



Backpack Blower (MSRP $499 BARE)

If you work in noise-restricted areas, the BL120VX is for you. This cordless blower is designed to be so quiet that you can use it any hour of the day.

Built to get the job done quickly and quietly with an amazing max-bystander-noise-rating of 59dB(A) for noise-restricted sites, the zero-emission BL120VX was engineered with the professional in mind. With a variable-speed trigger, fatigue-reducing throttle lock and a blow force rating of 22N, you're ready for real work.


 Get more work done faster with 526 cfm and speeds up to 200 mph.
 BL120VX carries a 22N blow force rating – out-powering many mid-range gas blowers.


 The BL120VX delivers 59 dB(A) on the high output setting.
 Choose Stealth Mode™ for an amazing 57 dB(A).

Superior Design

 The BL120VX has an IP56 rating allowing you to work in most weather conditions.
 The superior sound-dampening angles and advanced fan blade design make the BL120VX quiet.


The BL120VX carries the distinctive California Air Resource Board Professional Grade Zero Emission Equipment Certification




String Trimmer (MSRP $459 BARE)

Oregon's Professional Series ST120VX String Trimmer is a fully electric trimmer with the power and torque to beat many mid-range gas tools. The ST120VX is unmatched in power-to-weight ratio, so it is light enough to reduce fatigue without losing cutting power. It packs all the professional grade power you’ll need to get the job done on site.

Beautify your customers’ landscapes quickly, comfortably, and with automatic torque-boosting power. The ST120VX’s 16.5" cutting width and Lightning Load trimmer head gives this string trimmer the power to compete with gas.


Cut through tough weeds, grass, and vegetation quickly and efficiently with the 16.5” cutting width, professional-grade Lightning Load bump-feed trimmer head.
On-demand Torque Boost™ automatically applies more power when it senses heavier materials, allowing the heavy-gauge Gatorline trimmer line to cut through tough vegetation.


Work in a noise restricted area? No problem: choose the Stealth Mode™ option for a whisper-quiet 52 dB(A).
The ST120VX still delivers 62 dB(A) when you choose the high output option.


The ST120VX carries the distinctive California Air Resource Board Professional Grade Zero Emission Equipment Certification


This IP56 rated ST120VX is built to withstand any weather conditions.




Extended Hedge Trimmer (MSRP $499 BARE)

Hedges are no match for the EHT120VX. Its unmatched power-to-weight ratio, precision blades, and heavy-duty gear box will increase your productivity.

With an unmatched power-to-weight ratio, Oregon's professional-grade EHT120VX Hedge Trimmer was engineered with a heavy-duty gearbox, 22" precision blades, and an IP56 rating so nothing will slow your work down. The extended-reach design and articulating head make short work of topping hedges or trimming ground cover.


On-demand Torque Boost™ delivers more power when you need it.


Durable, heavy-duty gearbox allows you to work in any weather condition.


Work efficiently with the EHT120VX’s 130-degree rotating head.

Low Noise

Work in a noise restricted area? No problem: the EHT120VX runs 60 dB(A) on the high output setting.
Choose Stealth Mode™ for an amazing 54 dB(A).


Work in wind, rain, dust, and heat without a problem - this professional hedge trimmer is UL listed and is rated IP56.


The EHT120VX carries the distinctive California Air Resource Board Professional Grade Zero Emission Equipment Certification

Full Specs




Make clean-edge lines every time with Oregon’s EG120VX Edger. Work in any kind of soil conditions with this professional-grade cordless edger’s heavy-duty gearbox and 8" blade. The EG120VX has 15% more power than comparable gas-powered edgers, on-demand Torque-Boost™, and a Stealth Mode™ that lessens noise to an incredible 55dB(A). This is what real power sounds like.

Powerful and Robust

On-demand Torque Boost™ automatically applies more power when you need it.
Durable, heavy-duty gearbox allows the EG120VX to work in any soil conditions.
IP56 Ingress Protection Rating - allowing you to keep working in almost any weather


Make precise clean-edge lines on your customers’ properties with the cordless edger’s 8" blade.

Low Noise

The EG120VX is low-noise at a 58dB(A). Additionally, you can engage Stealth Mode™ in noise restricted areas to provide whisper-quiet edging at 55 dB(A).


The EG120VX carries the distinctive California Air Resource Board Blue Sky Zero Emission Equipment Certification.

Full Specs


& BL975

BATTERIES (MSRP $549 & $749)

Manage and maintain your customers’ properties with the high-capacity power of our revolutionary battery platform. Our 120V batteries give consistent, no-fade power to our 120V line-up of cordless power equipment.

Oregon Professional Series batteries are engineered to offer the run-time needed by professional landscapers. The large-capacity backpack design eliminates weight from the equipment, improving maneuverability and productivity. The BX975 battery packs 9.0 amp hours of capacity for 972 watt-hours of power, and the BX650 battery packs 6.0 amp hours of capacity for 648 watt-hours of power.

FULL specs



Carry the battery comfortably with our ergonomically designed backpack, which removes the weight from the user's hands. Available in black or high-vis safety yellow with reflective panels and details.

The Oregon Professional Series Softshell Backpack is engineered to carry the weight of the battery close to the operator's core, removing battery weight from the tool and improving productivity, maneuverability and overall ergonomics.


1,545 cubic inches volume
Ergonomic design for secure weight distribution
Heat-reflective liner keeps battery cooler on hot jobsites
Two zippered storage pockets for keys or tools




The C1600 Battery Charger uses smart technology to charge 120V Professional Series batteries, actively monitoring battery health to ensure long life and optimal charging. The low power-draw design allows multiple batteries to charge on one 15 Amp circuit.


Charging time for BX975 from 0% to 100%: approximately 5 hours
Charging time for BX650 from 0% to 100%: approximately 3.5 hours
Simple laptop-style design
Removable plug for country-specific options



Featuring automotive-grade weatherized connections for use in any weather, the Oregon Professional Series Battery to Stick-tool Cable connects to Oregon Professional Series batteries for all the power and run-time the job demands.


Automotive-grade all-weather connections
UL Listed
1.7 meters