A Certified AGZA Green Zone is a defined property or collection of properties on which
all routine grounds maintenance is performed with low-noise zero-emission battery-electric
equipment and hand tools.

  • First and most comprehensive grounds maintenance certification in the world

  • Holistic view of the health and environmental impacts

  • Establishes, monitors, reports, verifies, and certifies properties.

  • Educates, trains, and accredits management and crews.


Electric operations offer many advantages, but the transition is full of challenges. 
AGZA’s leadership and experience help avoid the predictable pitfalls.

  • Poor equipment choices

  • Untrained crew adoption

  • Loss of work production

  • Equipment strain and failure

  • Crew resistance and resentment

  • Money and time lost

  • Sustainability delayed

  • Electric program rejection


  1. Eliminate all gas pollution: NOx, VOC, CO, CO2, and PM

  2. Slash operational noise by 40% - 70%

  3. Eliminate gas, oil, gas parts, and chemicals

  4. Slash costs for fuel, parts and maintenance

  5. Radically improve health and safety for crews

  6. Improve quality of life across communities

  7. Enhance existing environmental and climate goals

  8. Demonstrate sustainability leadership

  9. AGZA Service Professional Accreditation

  10. AGZA Green Zone®Certification


  1. Inventory existing gas equipment and operations.

  2. Evaluate health and environmental impacts of gas.

  3. Define green zone properties and maintenance tasks.

  4. Specify electric equipment fleet and battery bank.

  5. Prepare charging and storage facilities.

  6. Roll out, set up, and verify new equipment fleet.

  7. Educate, train and accredit management and crew.

  8. Monitor and optimize equipment and crew.

  9. Certify the AGZA Green Zone.

  10. Celebrate sustainability leadership and share success.