AGZA Service Pro Certification is the most rigorous sustainability certification in the nation for ongoing professional grounds maintenance operations.


AGZA Service Pro Certification (ASP) verifies for clients that your crew and operations offer services using equipment and best practices with ultra-low impact regarding noise pollution, local air pollution, greenhouse gasses, and solid and toxic waste streams.


AGZA’s mission is to help the entire lawn and garden industry transition away from noisy polluting gas machines to quiet clean zero-emission electric equipment. AGZA is the fiercest advocate for hard-working grounds professionals and all our programs are designed to help you understand the pros and cons of gas and electric — including work productivity and total operational costs — and determine if the transition makes sense.


Certified AGZA Service Pros perform all routine grounds maintenance — mowing, trimming, hedging, edging, blowing, pruning and light tree work — exclusively with low-noise zero-emissions battery electric equipment and hand tools.


AGZA recognizes that not all gas equipment can be replaced by battery powered alternatives — yet. Some heavy duty equipment like forestry chain saws, aerators, dethatchers, tillers, industrial blowers and vacuums, heavy snow throwers, high-pressure power washers, and multi-plex reel mowers are not yet commercially available or economically practical. Further, there are some seasonal or occasional work which may lean on gas equipment for a couple weeks, such as heavy fall leaf cleanup, snow removal, extensive spring weed abatement, storm cleanup, and heavy or emergency tree work.

For these tools and tasks, AGZA grants a Gas Allowance until such tools are available and practical.