In preparation for our two ribbon-cutting ceremonies at the end of February, we've produced two sets of signs for permanent installation at two parks.

  • South Pasadena's Garfield Park will be recognized as the nation's first AGZA Certified Municipal Green Zone. If you're in the area, come see this picturesque park.  MAP
  • The Torrance American Baseball (TABB) Fields will kick off their Little League season on the nation's first ever AGZA Certified Sports Complex Green Zone. Next time you're in Torrance, check out the greenest baseball diamonds in the country.  MAP

AGZA is in the business of reducing the carbon footprint in our communities, so we make significant efforts to reduce the footprint of all our operations as well. For our park sign projects we researched manufacturing and printing from recycled plastics and metals, and whether the lettering would be greenest if routed, cut from vinyl, or digitally printed.

The smallest footprint was achieved using 85-98% recycled aluminum for the signs, and digitally printing for the graphics. We even got approval to attach the signs to existing park posts so there's no additional material, shipping or installation to get these signs up at Garfield park's three park entrances.

In Torrence our signs are also digitally printed on aluminum stock, but our project was merged with our client's existing print production run and we weren't able to discover whether or not the metal sheet stock contained recycled materials. As AGZA expands to more parks we will be certain to make sustainability a requirement in our own print production.