Today we honor the Malibu Country Mart
by giving them Green Zone Certification
— Dan Mabe, AGZA Founder and President

MALIBU, Calif., April 15, 2012

The Malibu Country Mart, known as one of Southern California’s premiere retail centers, continues its on-going commitment to eco-conscious practices. On Earth Day the Mart was certified by Mr. Dan Mabe of The Greenstation for the Mart's implementation of cordless, emission-free gardening and location maintenance tools.

The Malibu Country Mart’s Green Initiative Program includes a comprehensive composting and recycling program, the use of drought-tolerant succulents and native vegetation, plant-based biodegradable cleaning products and participation in a biofuels program where grease from restaurants is turned into biodiesel fuel.

About the Malibu Country Mart 

The Malibu County Mart encompasses six acres of prime real estate in the heart of Malibu. Its 90,000 square feet of high-end retail, dining and service offerings are housed in an eclectic mix of architectural styles including Mediterranean, modern and rustic influences. The structures are complimented by world-class gardens, unique sculptures, outdoor dining and picnic areas and the popular children’s playground.

Additionally, the Malibu County Mart is leading the trend in Malibu in eco-friendly practices, from a chemical-free sandbox in the children’s playground to being the first commercial property to participate in the Geo Green Biofuels Program.