Originally posted by GreenWorks Tools on January 2015

The New Year brings plenty of resolutions, including switching from your loud gas-guzzling mower to a quieter, cleaner battery-powered option. But maybe you’ve heard that they don’t have enough power. Or that the charge doesn’t last long enough to finish a job. You might even be thinking: Do they really work?

We’ve heard it all when it comes to people believing battery-powered lawn mowers work well enough to compete with gas ones and we’ve found that seeing is believing. So make sure your sound is turned up and check out the lawn mower videos below to see why battery-powered mowers should be on your radar this spring.

First, hear from John Crenshaw, a customer who reviewed our 20-inch cordless G-Max 40-volt lawn mower. The first video is from April 2013, but he did a quick one-year follow up video in May 2014 to share his experience and tips after a year of using it.

Tools in Action posted their review of the same mower as above, in April 2014. Their hosts discuss torque, power, sound and more in a five-minute video that starts by showing our mower tackling some long dry grass.

The most popular video about our lawn mowers is the one highlighting our 19-inch 3-in-1 40-volt model.

You’ll see our mower in action, hear facts about how long the lithium battery holds a charge and discover how many square feet of grass you can cut on that charge. We also show you how easy it is to change cutting heights and add attachments to quickly mulch or bag your clippings. The video’s only about 2 minutes long, so you can get a good idea of what it offers in a short period of time.

If you have less than a minute to spare, take 30 seconds to see the video of our 16-inch corded two-in-one mower. You’ll learn what features this model offers and see that it’s ridiculously easy to store and switch out attachments.

Have more time on your hands? If you have about 30 minutes and want to know how our mower and batteries compare against gas, you’ll want to see this “As Seen on TV” special. While the price and in-home trial offers aren’t available any more, all the bells and whistles you’ll find in the video are, and then some.

After you’ve watched the above lawn mower videos, you’ll have a good sense of the type you need and then you can compare models and prices on our website. Make sure you check our YouTube channel every so often to find other videos we’ll post about our tools!