AGZA Partner and Marketing Director, Luke Massman-Johnson had the opportunity to attend the Coalition for Clean Air's "California 2015 Air Quality Awards" Ceremony in downtown LA.

CCA is one of the nation's premiere advocates for air quality, environment, sustainability, and social justice issues, and it's no accident they are headquartered in Los Angeles and Sacramento. The luncheon was extremely well attended by influencers and decision makers on the topic, from mayors and council members, to heads of industry, from environmental groups to all levels of legislators.

Luke approached a few notable and important attendees to re-introduce AGZA and our mission, shared a rich new AGZA Info Packet and offered to follow up in the week ahead.

  • Mary Nichols (MORE), Chairman, California Air Resources Board, former Assistant Administrator for Clinton's EPA, and director of UCLA's Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, who remembered Luke from Climate Resolve's Decarbonizing CA conference at USC, and previous conferences at UCLA's IoES.
  • Dr. Joseph Lyou (MORE), President and CEO of the Coalition for Clean Air, and Boardmember of the SCAQMD who met Luke for the first time but knew of the electric lawncare equipment demo AGZA and Greenstation hosted at the SCAQMD headquarters.
  • Val Zavala (MORE), VP of News and Public Affairs at KCET, and anchor of KCET's weekly award-winning newsmagazine, "SoCal Connected" who seemed genuinely interested in learning more about AGZA's work and future, and who we hope might cover us at KCET.
  • Nancy Pearlman (MORE), a true veteran environmental hero in Southern California, who has more green cred and recognition than could be listed here, and who expressed interest in interviewing AGZA for her environmental radio program.

After meeting Dr. Lyou, Luke joined a conversation with one of AGZA's most forceful allies, Councilmember Michael Cacciotti, who was instrumental in helping AGZA create the nation's first Municipal AGZA Green Zone at Garfield Park in South Pasadena, CA (MORE)

This year's award winners were introduced by CCA Board Member and noted green celebrity Ed Begley Jr (MORE), and CCA President & CEO Dr. Lyou. 

  • Senator Ricardo Lara received The Leadership in Government Award for authoring two crucial clean air legislations, SB 1204 (CA Clean Truck, Bus, and Off-Road Vehicle and Equipment Technology Program) and SB 605 (Short-lived climate pollutants).
  • Andrew Littlefair, President & CEO of Clean Energy, received The Corporate Stewardship Award for his ambitious development of renewable natural gas for transportation fuel
  • Anthony Otto, President of the Long Beach Container Terminal, received The Clean Air Leadership Award for developing the groundbreaking and industry-leading zero-emission terminal.

Following the award presentation, Val Zavala moderated a panel discussion with the three 2015 recipients.

Luke plans to send the new AGZA Info Packet to the two key influencers he didn't manage to meet in person at the event: Ed Begley Jr and Senator Lara.