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AGZA President Dan Mabe preaches the sustainability lawn care gospel during South Pasadena's Sustainability Festival.

AGZA joined Michael Cacciotti, South Coast AQMD Governing Board Member, and Debby Figoni, Sustainability Liaison for the City of South Pasadena for the community's energetic Sustainability Festival hosted at Garfield Park.

Clean air technology concepts, and an array of other ways to be environmentally conscious, were on display to engage, educate and inspire the community. And Jose Zavala of Aztlan Athletics coordinated a 5K run to promote the value of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Sustainably minded citizens listened with interest and optimism as Dan shared a compelling new water-saving soil amendment called CoolTerra™ from CoolPlanet (more below: and full story here), plus the latest innovations in a prototype commercial-grade battery-backpack electric leaf blower from Greenstation (more).

AGZA was proud to table next to one of our favorite success stories, the AGZA Certified Service Provider LandCare (formerly TruGreen LandCare) (more). It was with LandCare's close and proactive collaboration that AGZA and the City of South Pasadena were able to create and designate Garfield Park, the nation's first zero-emission AGZA Municipal Green Zone (full story).

The City of South Pasadena continues to be an outstanding leader in environmental and sustainable practices, and AGZA is grateful for our ongoing and enthusiastic collaboration.


California is enduring the 4th record-hot summer of the worst drought in its history, so water conservation is not only on everyone's mind here, it's literally mandated in a first-ever state-wide executive order from Governor Jerry Brown. (full story)

So the timing couldn't be better for Dan to share news about an impressive biochar soil amendment called CoolTerra™ from CoolPlanet. Sourced from industrial waste coconut husks, CoolTerra is processed with specifically enhanced Ph and pore structure that outperforms untreated biochars. It is finished into a clean, granular material ideal for spreading, and has a lifespan of 100 years.

CoolTerra is intended to be mixed into new soil before sodding, or aerated into existing turf. The additive enables more efficient use of water and fertilizers, supports nutrient cycling and maximizes plant growth. In fact, CoolTerra can retain 300% the water weight of regular biochar, and lets groundskeepers reduce water usage by up to 25%.

Check out CoolTerra's full story here.