A dozen grounds workers from LA Parks & Rec gathered around AGZA founder Dan Mabe for an intro and demo to some of the best commercial grade zero-emission lawn and garden equipment on the planet.

Dan started with the big guns — powerful 60-inch ride-on, 48-inch walk-behind, and 33-inch platform mowers from Mean Green Machines. He popped the hood to show the best-in-class Lithium-ion battery arrays and the component-based controllers, electronics, and motors. Thoughtful questions were raised about power (same as gas), run time (6.5 hrs), charge cycles (thousands), and maintenance (incredibly low).

Because of the electric power system, questions were also raised about whether workers can hose off the big mowers, and whether they can be left out in the rain.

Answers: yes, decks and wheels can be rinsed clean with a hose, but use a blower or compressed air to dust out the inside of the water-sealed battery and controller compartments. And no, these machines should not be left to sit out year round — as you'd expect with any expensive equipment, gas or otherwise. While it is conceivable that crews could tarp the big mowers, it is part of AGZA's equipment package design to make sure grounds crews have appropriate charging setups (standard 110 outlets) to recharge battery arrays overnight, so a dedicated dry shed or garage should be part of the consideration and these high-tech investments won't be left sitting in the rain.

Then Dan shouldered the hand tools, including Greenworks Pro line of impressive 80v backpack-powered blowers, trimmers, and hedgers.

LAP&R volunteers had the chance to jump on the Mean Green mowers and run a few laps, and to suit up in the Greenworks Pro backpack and put the string trimmer to the test. One worker was so excited after running the 48-inch walk-behind that he (jokingly) offered to come join AGZA as a salesman.

Finally, Dan unveiled the latest AGZA approved groundskeeping advancement — an impressive biochar soil amendment called CoolTerra from CoolPlanet. Sourced from industrial waste coconut husks, CoolTerra is processed with specifically enhanced Ph and pore structure that outperforms untreated biochars. It is finished into a clean, granular material ideal for spreading, and has a lifespan of 100 years. CoolTerra is intended to be mixed into new soil before sodding, or aerated into existing turf. The additive enables more efficient use of water and fertilizers, supports nutrient cycling and maximizes plant growth. In fact, CoolTerra can retain 300% the water weight of regular biochar, and lets groundskeepers reduce water usage by up to 25%.

AGZA is very encouraged by wrap-up conversations with several of the crew, and we look forward to the next round of discussions with LA Parks & Rec. We'd love to help make LA Parks & Rec the first zero-emission Parks & Rec department in the country!

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An LA Parks & Rec groundskeeping crew spends the morning with AGZA at Devonwood Park between Mission Hills and Arleta, CA.


  • 80v backpack and commercial hand-held blower
  • 80v backpack and commercial hand-held string trimmer
  • 80v hand-held commercial hedger
  • 80v fast charger


  • 60-inch ride-on commercial mower
  • 48-inch self-propelled walk-behind mower
  • 40v backpack Blast commercial blower
  • 40v backpack battery system with interchangeable commercial blower, trimmer, edgers and hedgers
  • 40v fast charger


  • top-rated biochar soil amendment for water reduction, soil aeration, and toxin and CO2 sequestration,