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A County of Ventura grounds maintenance crew tests the latest handheld commercial grade battery powered lawn and garden tools.

AGZA Founder Dan Mabe met with Scott and his crew of hardworking grounds operators for the County of Ventura. Dan let them experience the clean power of the world's best commercial cordless electric blowers, line trimmers and hedge trimmers.

These fast-charging, long-running Lithium-ion powered hand tools deliver commercial-grade power and performance but are about 50% quieter than their gas counterparts, they emit zero emissions, and require far less maintenance over time. 

Greenworks Pro (more) and Mean Green Machines (more) have the most popular equipment preferred by the grounds maintenance staff.


  • 80v commercial hand-held blower
  • 80v fast charger


  • 40v Blast commercial blower with integrated backpack
  • 40v backpack battery system with fast-swap batteries
  • 40v  and interchangeable commercial blower, trimmer, edgers and hedger

Thanks to our growing allegiance of AGZA Certified Service Providers (list) and AGZA Approved Equipment Manufacturers (list), we are able to show you the cutting edge of clean, quieter grounds maintenance today. Whether you're team is a local city council, a regional lawn and garden operation, or an entire Air Quality Management District (AQMD), we're eager to set up a live equipment demo for your decision makers.