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Sierra Club's Pasadena Group (and some furry friends) welcome AGZA and the SCAQMD to discuss electric fleet vehicles, electric lawn equipment, and air quality monitoring instruments.

AGZA Marketing Director Luke Massman-Johnson was invited by the South Coast Air Quality Management District to present zero-emission equipment to the Sierra Club during an evening focused on local air quality issues.

The presentations kicked off with SCAQMD Board Member and City of South Pasadena Councilmember Michael Cacciotti inviting all attendees to the parking lot to take a close look at a hot new plug-in hybrid electric passenger van from VIA. The all-new vehicle features an all-electric drive train with a backup gas-powered electric generator as a range extender. VIA's VTRUX (jump to website) lineup includes passenger and utility vans, pickups, and SUVs, and are produced under the veteran leadership of Bob Lutz, former vice-chairman of GM credited as "Father of the Chevy Volt".

Councilmember Cacciotti followed up with a PowerPoint presentation illustrating the history of emissions in the LA basin, a list of the criteria pollutants that affect us the most, plus charts comparing the key emitters of pollution in SoCal.

Next up, Luke explained incredible advances in Lithium-ion battery technology and how lawn and garden equipment like mowers and blowers have reached a tipping point that will leave gas equipment in the dust. He demonstrated a promising prototype of a new commercial battery backpack-powered blower with best-in-class features:

  • Commercial grade
  • Top performance
  • Up to 3hr run time
  • Fast-swap batteries
  • No gas, oil, or mixing
  • No spills, VOC, smell
  • No smog
  • No particulate matter
  • Low noise
  • No carbon
  • No climate change
  • Standard plug
  • Pennies per hour

And finally SCAQMD Atmospheric Measurements Manager Jason Low, Ph.D., gave an in-depth explainer on the history, science, and local data of the AQMD's sophisticated air quality monitoring devices throughout the region. Dr. Low also showed examples of newly available residential air quality monitors, and fielded questions and concerns about the heightened effect from nearby highway emissions on local air quality.

It was a densely informative evening and AGZA is grateful to have been engaged by such an earnest and intelligent audience.

Thanks to Michael, Jason, the SCAQMD, and The Sierra Club!