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CORE™ Products Joins AGZA as a Certified Manufacturers Marketing Partner

AGZA is excited to launch 2016 by welcoming CORE into the Alliance! We've known about CORE's unique and highly innovative gasless power system for some time, and we're really looking forward to the upgrades we expect to see in their 2016 lineup.

The CORE (Conductor Optimized Rotary Energy) motor is a cutting edge device capable of producing high torque rotary motion at higher efficiencies and power densities. In fact, CORE Technology generates the highest energy factor per weight of any existing motor or engine, and does it at one-third to one-fifth the size, while requiring significantly fewer raw materials.

CORE's Award-winning engineering and industrial design, and their holistic green vision that drives them, align perfectly with our own values. We can't wait to start showcasing their latest and greatest at our many equipment demos and presentations this year.