American Green Zone Alliance® collaborated closely with The City of South Pasadena and LandCare’s management and grounds crews to develop the nation’s first zero-emission AGZA Green Zone® Municipal Park. The City was so happy with the results that they have expanded AGZA Green Zone® operations throughout their entire municipality. 

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Tracking Opportunities with Battery-Powered Equipment

By Lynn Marcinkowski Woolf for Rural Lifestyle Dealer

Dealers are in the middle of two converging trends. Manufacturers are producing more efficient, more powerful and lighter weight battery-powered equipment for commercial customers and consumers. And a segment of users, specifically municipal and institutional customers, are seeking alternatives to gas-engine powered equipment because of their concerns over the environment and the health of landscape workers.

In the last 5 years, the technology has gone from being borderline, where we had to deal with compromises, to today where there’s been a revolution in the technology — from Tesla cars to laptop batteries, all of which have benefited the lawn and garden industry.
— Dan Mabe, CEO of AGZA

Another benefit for equipment owners is the reported lower service and maintenance requirements and Mabe says that may lead to resistance from dealers whose service revenues would be adversely impacted. He says generally that battery-powered equipment requires 1/25 of the maintenance of gas-powered engines, with its filters, spark plugs, gaskets, etc.