AGZA founder and CEO Dan Mabe gives an in-depth interview to The Urban Monk, pedram shojai.

Runtime: 55 min
NOTE: stream starts at 4:30

Pedram Shojai, OMD, is the NYTimes bestselling author of The Urban Monk and founder of He has dedicated his life to finding the sources of a healthy, sustainable, thriving lifestyle and creating books, films, podcasts and programs to share that wisdom with you and me.

We are honored Pedram has discovered AGZA's mission and wants to share our story about how we're transforming the lawn and garden industry — and therefore all our yards, parks, and outdoor green spaces — from noisy, polluting gas to quieter, zero-emission battery electric.

the URBAN MONK book

"Very readable, funny, and filled with wisdom..."

This is the book you’ve been waiting to read. Why? Because self help gurus drop all sorts of weird language and ask you to do strange things in order to follow their way. Not me. I’m here to keep it real and help you get out of trouble in your life right now. There’s no flowery language and no asking you to commit to things you don’t have time for. Let’s roll up our sleeves and free up some time, energy, enthusiasm, and abundance in your life. This isn’t some crappy ebook I whipped up either. This is the flagship book of the season under the mega publisher Rodale.