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SLIDESHOW (click arrows): Family owned and operated and 100% zero-emission, Evergreene Lawn Care maintains two soccer fields at Miraleste Intermediate School in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Evergreene Lawn Care is a favorite AGZA Certified Service Provider, a true zero-emission crew 100% committed to sustainable grounds maintenance. Evergreene runs commercial-grade Mean Green battery electric mowers and powerful cordless hand tools that emit zero criteria pollutants and greenhouse gasses, and are up to 50% quieter than their gas counterparts. But their green cred runs deep — well below the roots, in fact — because their holistic approach embraces organic fertilizers, savvy cutting and watering practices, and CoolTerra biochar, an impressive organic soil amendment that delivers up to 40% water savings. That's great news for a drought state.


SLIDESHOW (click arrows): Mean Green's industry leading 60" commercial grade zero emission electric mower cuts soccer fields down to size.

AGZA has worked intimately with battery electric equipment and their manufacturers for years now, in real-life settings on the ground with commercial crews. We are thrilled to report that over just the past two years the technology and design, performance and run-times have crossed the tipping point!

These machines are challenging gas equipment head-to-head in performance, and completely leave gas in the dust on every other consideration, from ROI and maintenance to worker health, from air and noise pollution to climate change.


SLIDESHOW (click arrows): Evergreene knows dethatching heavy grass keeps performance and
run times optimal.

Mowing with electric is an upgrade, but to optimize performance, operators will need to be aware of a few operational tweaks — one of which is the increased importance of clearing your deck.

These soccer fields are well-maintained, but this morning the grass was especially heavy from morning dew and a recent rain. After cutting about 1/3rd of the field, enough cut grass built up under the mulching deck to compromise performance. Of course wet grass builds up under gas machines just as much as under electric — it's a reality of grounds maintenance, and occasionally clearing your deck is an important field-maintenance step of all mowers.

But this issue does reveal one significant difference between gas and electric: when the operator of a gas machine feels his blades start to labor through buildup under the deck, he can often get away with ignoring the responsibility of clearing it by simply dumping more gas in the tank and throttling through. (Of course this does create an extra burden on the engine, generating increased heat, decreases efficiency, burning more oil, and increasing pollution ... but who's counting those externalities, right?)

A zero-emission electric motor does require the operator have a higher understanding and standard of optimal performance — not because the motor isn’t powerful enough to push the blades through the grass, but because doing so will drain the battery quicker, and there’s no instant refill.

AGZA is the first company in the country offering Service Provider Accreditation dedicated to upgrading a groundskeepers skills and training from antiquated, noisy, polluting gas equipment to cutting-edge, quieter, zero-emission battery electric.


SLIDESHOW (click arrows):
A powerful electric leaf blower cleans up nicely.


The powerful 80v Greenworks Pro blower is a indispensable tool for Evergreene's electric pit crew. Electric motors don't get coated with sticky oil and grime like gas engines, so operators don't need to resort to toxic cleaners, degreasers, and rags for cleanup. A quiet, clean battery-powered blower is usually all you need to dust off the deck and motors, and even the battery and controller compartment on occasion.