Another full throttle hands-on demo of industry-leading zero-emission equipment from GreenworksStihl and 
Mean Green.

Glendale Sports Complex

AGZA founder Dan Mabe spearheads these educational demos to provide city operations departments first-hand access to the latest and greatest in clean technology for grounds maintenance, and to show workers that they don't have to inhale poisonous exhaust all day while beautifying city grounds.

Stihl, Greenworks, and Mean Green have a solid track record in the industry, and have demonstrated the commercial value of their products through rigorous testing to AGZA standards which are more stringent than Consumer Reports and other third party product testers. Dan was approached by several City of Glendale workers who were pleasantly surprised by the performance and power of these cordless electric tools.

Dan also heard from long-time grounds workers who have been using antiquated small gas engine technology all their working life. They were worried about their health and acknowledged that they feel sick and smell like a gas station after fueling, servicing, and using gas-powered equipment all day.
South Coast AQMD board member Michael Cacciotti attended the demonstration. He has many clean air challenges for the San Gabriel Valley which he represents at the AQMD. Mr. Cacciotti is an enthusiastic and outspoken advocate for zero-emission technology for grounds maintenance, transportation, and port drayage operations, and was instrumental in creating the nation's first Municipal AGZA Green Zone in South Pasadena (full story).
AGZA is scheduled to team up with our non-profit strategic partner Quiet Communities ( on a third annual symposium and demonstration tour at Cornell University and greater Boston areas this month.


Dan Mabe, founder of AGZA, and
Evergreene Lawn Care, an AGZA Certified Service Provider, share the latest and greatest equipment from Mean Green Machines and Greenworks.


Thanks to our growing allegiance of AGZA Certified Service Providers and AGZA Approved Equipment Manufacturers, we are able to show you the cutting edge of clean, quieter grounds maintenance today. Whether you're team is a local city council, a regional lawn and garden operation, or an entire Air Quality Management District (AQMD), we're eager to set up a live equipment demo for your decision makers.

We'll show you the most advanced, quiet, and powerful battery-electric equipment available today. We'll explain the key differences between gas and electric — from technology to worker health to environmental impact to ROI. We'll show you under the hood, let you handle the hand tools, and witness the clean power and incredible industrial design of the world's best commercial grade ground maintenance equipment.