Flexrake® is America's #1 brand name in raking and the #1 choice of professional gardeners.
It is a family owned and operated company and has been since 1945.

We specialize in lawn and garden tools and dog clean-up tools, which are available at many quality retailers across the nation. These brands are made up of cutting, digging, cultivating, weeding, and clean-up tools.

At Flexrake we are committed to American manufacturing. We continue to employ Americans in manufacturing and do everything in our power to retain jobs in America. Our top selling garden and pet products are “Made in America”, here in Temple City, California. We believe that we can be competitive in America and we intend on continuing that philosphy. Our customers and our associates are and will remain our top priority.


Website:   flexrake.com
Email:   info@Flexrake.com
Phone:   1 (800) 266-2400


Flexrake is the
#1 choice of professional gardeners