By Kathleen Connolly, Lawn Care & Lawn Alternatives Expert for

Great article about the problems of gas leaf blowers, and the cleaner, quieter solutions available today.

We are excited to note that Kathy interviewed Jamie Banks of Quiet Communities (an AGZA strategic partner) as well as AGZA President Dan Mabe for this piece.

noise from gas leaf blowers exceeds levels deemed safe. prolonged noise at this level is well known to cause auditory damage and non-auditory health effects.
— Jamie Banks, ED of Quiet Communities
electric leaf blowers are about
45 to 50 percent quieter.
— Dan Mabe, Founder and President of AGZA

Dan mentions two of our AGZA Approved Equipment Manufacturers in the piece as well, Mean Green Machines, and Greenworks.

Thanks for covering the issue, Kathy!




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