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Below the fold I'm excerpting a new but all-too-common news story about a proposed gas leaf blower ban that perfectly illustrates the false choice countless communities are struggling with across the country. Citizens and politicians are outraged about the obnoxious noise of gas leaf blowers and propose banning them as the solution. But commercial grounds maintenance operators rebut that brooms are too slow and would force them to raise prices, and spraying water to clean hardscape is too wasteful.

... so there really is no good solution
— Jody Shilan, executive director of the New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association

While there is truth and strong emotion behind both arguments, it's critical to understand that neither are the whole story and both overlook the tremendous potential of the latest commercial-grade battery electric blowers. These new machines are a revolution — running about 50% quieter than gas and producing zero emissions. That means citizens and communities get beautifully manicured yards with far less noise and zero contribution to smog and global warming, and commercial operators get to keep the power and performance of their equipment fleet without breathing the hazardous fumes or shouldering the resentment of the very communities they're trying to serve.

For detailed info about quieter, zero-emission groundskeeping solutions, whether for residential, commercial, academic or municipal property maintenance, give AGZA President and CEO Dan Mabe a call at 1 (310) 779-9785.

OK, check out the story excerpts I've reposted below, or click the button at the bottom to read the original article in full.


Maplewood Bans Commercial Leaf Blowers

5-31-16 by Erin Belmore, Correspondent

A new ordinance in Maplewood, NJ is banning commercial leaf blowers starting tomorrow through the end of August.

Jody Shilan, executive director of the New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association represents 550 companies in New Jersey — around 10,000 professionals, including contractors who work in Maplewood.

“We talked about it at our board meeting that if it was a noise ban, then everyone would have to abide by a noise ban. But it’s not. If it was just blowers, then nobody should be able to use blowers. It’s specifically for commercial landscape contractors who use it and that, I think, is unfair and that we’re being targeted,” said Shilan. “People have talked about, why can’t you do it with a broom? The reality is, it will take 10, 20 times longer to sweep your driveway with a broom than it will with a blower. You could use water and a hose, but that’s just wasting water, which is inappropriate as well, so there really is no good solution,” he said.

[Mayor] DeLuca stressed this isn’t a permanent ban. He called it a 90-day trial period at which point, he hopes both sides will come to a resolution. And he added he doesn’t expect the town will ever ban leaf blowing year-round. The need is plenty.

Let’s not use the leaf blowers to blow around blades of grass
— Maplewood Mayor Victor DeLuca.