What is AN
aGZA Green Zone?

An AGZA Green Zone is a property certified by The American Green Zone Alliance as maintained with zero emissions and low noise, and that complies with AGZA's gold standard groundskeeping practices.

Much of the zero-emission and low noise requirements can be achieved simply by recycling noisy, polluting gas machinery and replacing them with the new wave of clean, quieter battery-electric equipment. Of course AGZA also encourages the use of hand tools like rakes, brooms, and shears wherever practical. Nothing is as quiet and emission-free as good ol' hand skills, and they also kick up less dust than even the gentlest electric blower.

But AGZA doesn't stop there! We know deep sustainability requires a holistic understanding, so we educate homeowners, grounds maintenance crews, and sustainability managers on the virtues of eco-friendly practices throughout the spectrum of lawn and garden jobs.

What is
AGZA's Target?

Everywhere you hear and smell a gas mower and blower. string trimmer, hedger and edger, chain saw or pole saw — that's a candidate for AGZA Green Zoning. And it turns out that's pretty much every maintained lawn, park, and greenspace on the planet. Whew!


Like all great movements it starts with each of us, in our heads and hearts, and on the ground, one step at a time. There are 100 million gas lawn tools in the U.S., but for every piece that's retired, recycled, and replaced with a clean, quiet battery electric tool, there's a significant reduction in noise, emissions, health risks and environmental damage.

Sustainably-minded property owners and grounds maintenance crews are eager for a better way. AGZA helps them slash the carbon footprint of their grounds maintenance operations to create peaceful, harmonious greenspaces.


the four Types of AGZA Green Zone

AGZA Certified Green Zones can be created in an outdoor space of any size, from an individual lawn to multi-acre commercial or municipal properties. Each scale and type of Green Zone has different requirements, individualized training, and unique equipment packages. Therefore AGZA has identified four categories of AGZA Green Zone:



AGZA works with City and County officials to create Green Zones in public parks, at civic centers, and along thoroughfares.


Designed for a business property of any type. The carbon footprint reductions are enormous, as are the public relations opportunities.


Applies to a single property such as a school or district office building. Zero-emission maintenance in a school property opens up several advantages to both the students and faculty, and to the maintenance staff as well.

4. Residential

For individual homeowners who have eliminated, or want to eliminate, gas-powered equipment from their yard maintenance and gardening activities.