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Leaf Blower Ban

What does AGZA do?

AGZA educates citizens, environmental groups, and elected officials on the alarming noise and egregious pollution of gas lawn and garden equipment. We train and accredit work crews on the safe and efficient use of the latest battery electric equipment. We specify, procure, and roll out commercial-scale battery electric equipment fleets. And we design, verify, certify, and celebrate quiet, zero-emission AGZA Green Zones for cities, schools, golf courses, and commercial properties.

AGZA is extremely proud to be on the front lines of this enlightened evolution. With the invaluable collaboration of our strategic partners Quiet Communities and Huntington CALM, and other allies like Sonoma CALM, we are helping communities walk the talk and make change happen.

Here's to healthy workers, peaceful communities, and a sustainable climate!


Bans and restrictions on gas leaf blowers and other noisy, dirty, fossil-fuel-powered grounds maintenance equipment have been enacted in at least 132 US cities across 15 states. There are over 100 just in CA and NY. Canada has four or more. Israel has a nation-wide ban.

Here's the four basic kinds of restrictions. There are many variations in different Cities.

  1. Complete Gas Blower Ban — electric blowers can be used.
  2. Seasonal Gas Blower Ban — In most cases gas blowers are only allowed in the Fall.
  3. Noise and/or Time of Day Restrictions — Operators may be restricted to use low noise gas units that are <70 dB or <65 dB. Others may be restricted to certain hours of the day. In some cases they're restricted to use blowers one day per week.
  4. Complete Gas and Electric Blower Ban — no power blowers of any kind.

From AGZA's perspective, the caustic debates about leaf blower bans is incomplete. It is obvious that gas leaf blowers are the prime grievance, for good reason. But banning one type of gas machine leaves plenty of other noisy equipment, and all the poisonous fumes, chemicals and waste that are inextricable from fossil-fuel-powered operations. If cities banned every gas leaf blower in the country, we'd all start arguing about banning gas mowers and string trimmers.

However, switching all routine grounds operations to quieter, zero-emission battery electric is holistic, comprehensive, and profitable. In fact, the second you power up your all-electric operations, you instantly return 100% of the benefits of noise reduction and complete elimination of gas, oil, fumes, smog-forming emissions, and greenhouse gasses.

The CoO (Cost of Operation) of electric machinery is so much lower per hour than gas, that despite higher initial purchase costs, commercial operations can achieve ROI and ongoing profitability in as little as 18 months.

Let us show you how.