we serve the south bay with pride, passion, and professionalism.
— Jordan Barry, Founder


At Push Lawn Care, we specialize in eco-friendly lawn and landscape maintenance for residential and commercial properties. Our unique landscape care will bring beauty and purpose to your property. Our service is second to none and will keep your outdoor grounds looking their best.


Push Lawn Care is an AGZA Accredited Service Pro, validating their commitment and capability to provide quiet, zero-emission grounds maintenance services. AGZA proudly recommends Push Lawn Care for providing yard care that is friendly to both the environment and local community without compromising on quality or property aesthetic.













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Torrance, CA

South Bay: Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach

Bel Air, Burbank, Culver City, El Segundo, Gardena, Hawthorne, Lawndale, Long Beach, San Pedro, Westchester

Push serves the South Bay and beyond.

as president of the american green zone alliance, i saw first hand the dedication to quiet, zero-emission maintenances services push lawn care provides. additionally, their friendly crew members and the quality of their workmanship make push lawn care’s service an amazing and professional experience.
— Dan Mabe, President AGZA

We love plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds such as this Santa Barbara Mexican Sage.

GARDENING AND LANDSCAPING: Plants and Shrubs require care to maintain their overall appearance and health. Proper plant choice, watering, feeding, and pruning is essential to keeping them in great shape.

A well manicured lawn adds the finishing touch to this garden.

LAWN CARE: The main focus of every yard is its lawn. A healthy turf can increase your quality of life and improve your property value. Taking care of that lawn shouldn't involve harmful chemicals and loud equipment.

Upgrading your irrigation system can help you save thousands of gallons of water.

IRRIGATION REPAIR AND IMPROVEMENTS: We can troubleshoot and repair almost any irrigation problem; from broken PVC to old valves, we can do it all. We can also help you save money and thousands of gallons of water while bringing your irrigation system into the 21st century.


Our first step in the maintenance program is evaluating what each individual yard needs. No two yards are the same and we will create a maintenance program for your specific property. This important step can help you monitor your watering schedule, and also spot any problems with your garden that may occur before they become serious.

1. LAWN MAINTENANCE: MOWING, TRIMMING, EDGING, AND BLOWING: Give your yard that crisp and clean look.

2. FERTILIZING AND OVERSEEDING: Helps thicken your lawn while introducing new and improved grass varieties to your existing turf.

3. AERATION: Improves the growth potential and beauty of your lawn by providing an avenue for water, nutrients, and oxygen to get directly to the root zone.

4. HEDGE TRIMMING, PRUNING, AND SHRUB CARE: An essential gardening skill. Regular pruning encourages healthy growth, and increased flowering.

5. BED MAINTENANCE: We provide weed control and de-weeding services. We can also provide fresh mulch and decorative rock to further enhance the beauty of your landscape.

6. IRRIGATION: Water conservation is our number one priority. We specialize in smart timers, repair, and full irrigation installations.


People, Community, and Planet are just a few reasons why zero-emission lawn care is so important. Push Lawn Care wants to improve our quality of life while beautifying neighborhoods and communities. There really is a quieter, healthier, and more sustainable alternative to gas-intensive yard care that is competitively priced.


1. ZERO GAS: We use commercial grade battery powered tools that use no gas. We are powered by the sun and wind.

2. ZERO EMISSIONS: The electric advantage over fossil fuels for our equipment is substantial to you and the environment.

3. LOW NOISE: Our equipment allows us to provide our service without disrupting your home or business. We value quiet.



Jordan Barry, Founder of Push Lawn Care, and Dan Mabe, President of AGZA, spent the day together testing equipment and admiring the high quality workmanship on several properties Jordan and his crews maintain. Dan says, “it’s great to see that Push Lawn Care delivers an amazing service without using antiquated internal combustion technology.”



Look for the guys in the orange shirts using the quiet battery electric tools. Jordan takes pride in the fact that his crews don’t inhale toxic fumes all day long while beautifying properties in the South Bay. Push Lawn Care workers all agree that low impact maintenance operations are better for them, the community, and the environment.

precision MOWING, trimming, and edging


You will see but not hear Push Lawn Care crews when they’re maintaining your property. AGZA estimates Push Lawn Care will reduce noise levels 40% to 70% by using battery electric equipment and good old fashioned hand tools. Additionally using Push lawn Care will help improve ground ozone pollution levels in Southern California.

our work

we recently moved to manhattan beach and our landscape was showing its age. the sprinklers didn’t work and a lot of our plants and bushes were dead. push lawn care gave us a timely quote and transformed our entire yard. we were really impressed with jordan’s work and attention to detail. now our garden is always in bloom and the kids love the vegetable garden he planted.
— Manhattan Beach Resident