And ... Action!

Thanks to the miracle of digital shooting and editing, our AGZA team has put together a couple fun spots to spread the joy of our work. Enjoy — and feel free to share widely  : )

The Best Mower In THe World (:60)

The world's best commercial grade 60" zero-emission battery-electric mower quietly zips through South Pasadena's Garfield Park — the first AGZA Green Zone municipal park in the country. 


Before the First Pitch (:45)

Before little league opening day in Torrence ... before the first pitch ... before the players even take the field ... AGZA certified this diamond as the nation's first AGZA Green Zone sports complex.


Problems and Solutions (7:39)

AGZA Founder and President Dan Mabe exposes the toxic evaporative, liquid, and solid waste common in 'parking lot tune-ups' of gas equipment. Dan captures video of the disruptive noise of a gas hedger and gas riding mower on school property during school hours. Then Dan demonstrates the zero-emission, low noise battery-electric alternatives: a Stihl hedger and Mean Green riding mower. And finally, Mean Green's product team showcases the quiet power and speed of their incredible commercial-grade battery-electric riding and stand-behind mowers slicing through a field of grass.

greenstation's 36volt lawn badger at SCAQMD mower exchanges (:45)

Cut your grass, cut your costs, and cut your emissions — with the 36 volt Greenstation Lawn Badger!

The Greenstation's newest mower is a perfect, agile 18" residential tool, but don't let the size fool you — this Badger packs a punch. A 36 volt integrated cordless battery drives a quiet, zero-emission, highly efficient electric motor. The no-pull electric start is easy and instant with a safety key and bar trigger. Set all four wheels to 5 cutting heights with one-hand operation. And a durable metal deck comes with a grass bag and optional mulching plug so you're free to maintain your yard your way.

But the most amazing thing about The Badger is the price: if you purchase it at one of the six SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District) Mower Exchange Programs, you'll walk away with this $365 clean green machine for just $100!

What? Details here >


THE RIGHT TO BREATHE: An SCAQMD Documentary film (20:56)

A powerful, professionally produced documentary film by the South Coast Air Quality Management District on the serious health effects of Southern California's air pollution shared through stories of individuals. Directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Alexandre Philippe, creative director of Cinema Vertige, the film is meant to make viewers aware of the serious health effects of air pollution while also inspiring them to take action and participate in practical solutions to help improve our air.



Mimeos INTERVIEWS The Green Station, Eco-Smart Solutions in Yard Maintenance (3:57)

Matt Moses of Mimeos Sustainability profiles The Green Station LA and Co-Founder Dan Mabe. The Green Station had been on a mission to not only eliminate the harmful, polluting gas and oil emissions of traditional yard maintenance practices, but have created a certification program to teach gardeners to become their own stewards of the earth. The Green Station uses all electric emission-free tools, all charged using solar energy. They implement composting and water efficient landscaping techniques to create a comprehensive sustainable maintenance solution.

Greenstation mowers on KTLA (2:11)

LA's LTLA 5 reporter Gayle Anderson interviews AGZA Founder and President Dan Mabe about The Greenstation electric mowers as used at Santa Monica College, and reminds viewers about the upcoming SCAQMD Lawn Mower Exchange.



There is a lot of marketing hype surrounding the issue of a 36 volt battery being superior to a 24 volt battery. We believe that it has more to do with motor efficiency, durability, total run time, and the quality of the cut. Here's a real-life head-to-head test comparing the 24 volt Greenstation N-1 with the 36 volt Black & Decker.